You’ve heard of digital marketing before, but what about digital remarketing?

This relatively new kid on the marketing block refers to specific ad targeting of customers who have previously visited a website. It is a very powerful way to use insights learned from your previous customers’ behaviour and can be especially helpful in your digital strategies.

The reason that this tactic works so successfully is multi-fold. For one thing, the customer is often someone who has already purchased or shown interest in your products and services, making them a valid lead. For another, you have the chance to continue a discussion that may have otherwise been over in seconds. As you already know, a customer who is already interested in what you’re offering will convert a lot more easily than one who is not even looking in your direction. It is this current interest that makes remarketing a strategy that you cannot afford to ignore.

Let’s take a look at how it works…



How Does Digital Remarketing Work?


Are you making the most out of your targeted online advertising campaigns? Are you working hard to turn interested, close-to-closing customers into paying customers? Digital remarketing may just be the right move for your business.

Simply put, remarketing uses cookies to track consumers that visit your website. Whether those consumers are proceeding to checkout or performing your goal conversion (signing up for your newsletter, leaving a message on your contact form, or purchasing a service or product) or they are actively browsing but not quite ready to seal the deal, those website cookies reveal plenty of information about the users’ browsing habits, interests, pages that they are viewing and other titbits that can help you turn them into paying customers.

Those cookies can be used to target close-to-closing customers through highly customised ads that are tailored to their interests. Perhaps a lot of people spend a lot of time on your killer sales page that promotes your book about growing giant strawberries, but some of those people leave without purchasing the book. You know that they are interested in giant strawberries – online remarketing is a way to remind them just how big, juicy and easy those berries are to grow at home. A clever, well-timed ad can do wonders for online ad success. And, as you are only targeting visitors who are already interested in what you are offering, there is a much greater chance of success.


Some tips to consider for effective remarketing include the following:

  1. Spread your campaigns across multiple channels. There are many, many different ad types out there. Focusing on just a single ad channel and ignoring others can result in lost opportunity. Include as many channels as possible – display advertising, banner, mobile, video, social and text. Spreading out the campaign and using your ad budget this way will help you cast a wider net, with far more people reached compared to a single channel.
  1. Segment your remarketing lists. It’s also worthwhile separating your lists to ensure the best results. Some visitors may reach checkout, only to abandon their virtual shopping cart or exit at the last minute. Others may send an enquiry and never respond. There are some that spend a lot of time on specific pages, and others who keep returning to one page. Segmenting your list according to how your visitors interact on your website is a smart way to give them the best customised ad possible. Keep things such as price in mind as well – you may find that a close-to-converting customer who is very interested but unable to afford your offer might be swayed by a special deal or reduced price.
  1. Don’t be afraid to test and fail. It’s also good to remember that like any other ad strategies, a great deal comes down to trial and error. You will always continue to learn more about the people who visit your website, and even if you don’t reach every single visitor, you will still learn a lot when reaching out to them. Make sure that you learn from everything that works (and everything that doesn’t work) so that you can keep fine tuning your strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about putting digital remarketing strategies into action, get in touch with us today and let us show you how you can take your ad targeting from zero to hero.



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