Why WSI Digital?

Who are WSI Digital?

In 2009, husband and wife team, Nicholas and Mel Gard, launched the Durban office of WSI. In the following years, they grew an experienced and dedicated team of digital marketers. In 2023, Nick and Mel decided to relocate their family to the UK and open a new office of WSI, WSI Waverley Digital Marketing. Toni Roberson took over as Operations Director.

Our small team is completely driven by helping our clients achieve their business goals. We understand that to grow our business, we need to grow your business. And when both businesses thrive, the entire community benefits. It’s a win-win all round.

This passion for delivering meaningful results, paired with our long experience in deliving solutions in a wide variety of industries, makes us a great choice for any South African business looking to engage with a digital marketing partner.

Local business, global back up

Backed by global digital agency WSI, the world’s largest digital marketing network, we have the resources you need to unlock your marketing potential. When you work with WSI Waverley Digital, not only do you benefit from our local expertise, but your strategy is developed based on the digital experience shared across our global network. Our unique network allows us to add WSI’s 25 years’ experience to our own, leveraging the full power of the Internet and putting it in service to your business.

Our approach to your marketing.  

We want to bring our digital marketing experience to empower entrepreneurs and business owners to fully realise the potential of their businesses. Our business philosophy isn’t transactional but about a commitment to adding value and creating positive growth and collaboration. We specialise in content marketing, search engine marketing and optimisation (SEO). Our Google Partner badge shows that we have the latest Google Ads expertise, connecting you with your ideal clients.

We know the challenges small businesses face because we are one! Giving effective, affordable marketing support is what WSI Digital does. SME’s account for 34% of South Africa’s GDP, and accounts for 60% of its workforce. When they succeed everyone benefits. More jobs, more growth, more money.

There are no magic bullets when it comes to growing your business. But with over two decades of experience, we’ve unlocked many Internet shortcuts for delivering meaningful results for our clients.

Meet Our Dedicated Transcontinental Team

We help businesses make the most of the Rands they spend on Digital Marketing. By ensuring we focus not only on our Digital Marketing results, but on educating our clients too. We consult in a way that our clients understand, value, and obtain the ROI they require to move their business forward and beyond the competition.

About Us

Why WSI?
  • We don’t believe in cookie cutter strategies
  • An experienced trans-continental team of superheroes.


  • Generate quality leads that are more likely to become your customers.
Build Your Brand Awareness
  • Get and keep your brand on your audience's radar
  • When you have online credibility, people turn to you for insights, solutions, and guidance.
  • Manage your prospects’ experience of your brand and make the right moments count
In need of digital marketing services? Look no further, we are ready to help!