When linking an Adwords account to a Google Analytics account, it is imperative that you give the user the correct level of access. If this is not done, they won’t be able to link the accounts and you will lose valuable data. The most important reason for linking Adwords and Analytics is to track conversions – that way you can tell how much money your advertising is actually making you!

Step One – Log into your Google Analytics account with your usual login details.

Step Two – Click on the Admin tab.

Step Three – Click on User Management under the Account section (not Property or Profile).


Step Four – Add the email address that your account manager has asked you to add, and then make sure that all four radio boxes are ticked. Then click on Add.


Once they have that access, the account manager can link your Adwords and Analytics accounts. This level of access will however give the Account Manager access to ALL of the Analytics accounts you hold. If you have accounts that you don’t want them to have access to, ask them to let you know once they have linked the accounts. You can then give them access to the Property or Profile only.