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Our Clients

“The only way our business succeeds is if we make our clients’ businesses succeed – it is our core focus in everything we do”

– Mel Gard, Director WSI Durban

Who are WSI Durban’s clients?

Our clients come from businesses of all sizes from around South Africa & beyond – from a  landscaping business to a dentist to a luxury safari company. They are usually a little different in that they can see the value offered by digital marketing, and want to be engaged and proactive in their marketing. They are driven by a deeper sense of purpose and refuse to be just another company in a crowded market. Oh boy, this puts a lot pressure on us.

Our clients are a part of our family – we have a dedicated Client Happiness Agent whose job is to make sure that clients understand what we are doing and why. It is important to us that each client is educated about and engaged in their own company’s marketing efforts. At the end of the day we just don’t want our clients to be just a number, and the reverse applies too. We like working with people who respect and appreciate what we bring to the table.

With each new project we are pushed to the extremes of creativity and marketing performance. We are always learning something new, breaking through old paradigms and discovering better ways of helping our clients realise their vision by leveraging the full capabilities of the Internet.

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