Business Lead Generation

    Leveraging Google Advertising for Business Leads Generation

    Business can be tough right now, don’t you think? Do you seem to be climbing an uphill cash flow mountain at the moment? Do you feel like business is taking longer to convert from lead to actual money in the bank? We know and understand that feeling – as a South African business ourselves, we have heard our market’s cries for help in a challenging environment.

    One of the best ways to kickstart slow cash flow is to bring in more qualified leads. Our WSI Durban Leads To Business solution has been crafted with this in mind, and takes advantage of the great lead generation opportunities offered by using Google ads efficiently.

    Who can take advantage of the Leads-to-Business Solution?

    • Do you have a website for your business?
    • Does your website tell your market what products and services you offer?
    • Do you believe that marketing can help bring in leads right NOW for your business?
    • Do you have marketing budget available now?

    Then this method of lead generation can work for you.


    How Can Google Ads Improve Lead Generation?

    Most internet users turn to search engines like Google to find information. Whether it’s a search for an aluminium supplier, a wellness clinic, or a corporate training course, people search before they make a decision. Even when they know your business, they’ll often just check it on Google first.

    With Google Ads, you can take your business website from page 3 on Google, to page 1, much faster than if you were to try grow it organically. We craft well-written, keyword-rich Google search adverts that will appear on Google’s first page of results for keywords relating to your products and services.

    Our business lead generation package includes the setting up of a Google Ads account (should you not have one already), writing multiple text adverts for your business, continually tweaking how your ads are shown up so that we get better quality people coming to your landing pages, loading your monthly budget, and delivering a monthly, easy-to-understand status report, just so you know what your results are. Simple. That’s why we’ve named it, Leads to Business.


    What Are the Costs Involved?

    We’ve purposefully kept our costs low, but realistic. For example, you could have the best text ads the world has ever seen, but if your placement budget (paid directly to Google via client credit card) is too low, you’re not going to get the exposure required to generate a decent amount of leads. Here’s what our Leads To Business package looks like:

    For a total monthly fee of only R4000, we’ll get relevant users to your website that are actually looking for what you offer – where potential customers will assess your offerings and hopefully enquire about a product or service. We’re also able to consult on optimising your website landing pages, as an ill-developed or designed webpage is a lead killer!


    Let’s Get You More Business Leads:

    Ready to start receiving more business leads from your website? Submit an enquiry below and we’ll be in touch soon!


    Why Partner with WSI Durban?

    WSI Durban is a privately-owned franchise that forms part of the vast international network of WSI agencies. We’ve been advertising on Google for 10 years, and understand what it takes to get a business website attention in the digital space. We are also a Badged Google Partner. Ready for improved lead generation? Start a project with us, or contact WSI Durban to find out more about our digital marketing capabilities!