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Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa

Finding the right digital marketing experts in South Africa makes all the difference to your online success. Whatever stage people may be in the buying cycle, they are seeking information. Whether you are helping your potential audience find the information they need through content marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Digital Advertising (Google Adwords), Video Marketing (YouTube), Marketing Automation or any other digital strategy, our goal here at WSI in Durban is to provide information in a way that both educates and inspires further action.

WSI is a global franchise made up of some of the world’s leading digital marketers, who apply their decades of experience to help you achieve your vision. WSI Durban comprises a passionate team of digital specialists who have worked with a number of industries across South Africa since 2008.

Experienced Digital Marketing Experts in South Africa

nick and mel gard, owners of wsi durban, digital marketing consultancy
Nick & Mel Gard, Owners of WSI Durban

When it comes to digital marketing, experience makes a notable difference.

The Internet has changed the way that we do business. It has provided a massive opportunity for businesses to grow their income and influence. One of the biggest challenges however is that the Digital Marketing industry has become competitive and complex, with thousands upon thousands of agencies and solutions to choose from.

Where do you even begin to get started, and better still, what should you look for when choosing digital experts in South Africa or anywhere else?

It is no accident that WSI has become the largest digital marketing agency in the world, with a level of expertise that is rarely found in a single stand-alone agency. WSI in Durban has proven skills and experience that will help your business develop its full potential online. Headed by Nick and Mel Gard, who bring their respective decades of business experience to clients, WSI Durban offers a full service approach that incorporates everything you need to get ahead online. Over the last two decades, we have learned a number of new tricks in how to cost-effectively leverage content to quickly out-perform our client’s competitors. WSI is highly strategic in areas that make the biggest difference to your success. The level of expertise and experience that we offer cannot be easily taught.

The WSI team has spent many years evaluating global leading marketing solutions, developing a deep knowledge and an extensive partner network of industry thought leaders during the process. Thanks to our vast, deep talent base that is made up of a small but powerful team of super star marketers, our consultants are not only digital marketing experts, but also highly experienced in a diversity of industries that further help to provide our clients with invaluable global insights. Just imagine what your business could achieve with this level of expertise!

To find out more about working with the WSI team of digital marketing experts in South Africa, simply contact us today to arrange a consultation.


“The only source of knowledge is experience”

– Albert Einstein