Social Media Marketing

“Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”

– Andrew Davis

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a general ‘catchall’ term encompassing all marketing activities across social media platforms – from Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest to Twitter.

The advantages of using social media as part of an integrated communication and marketing strategy are numerous. Some benefits of social media marketing include:

  1. Better relationships with customers, through increased and various communication at different times of their buying cycle and also their interest level, which means increased retention and brand advocacy. If customers know your businesses is active and engaged with social media, they have a more immediate way to get in touch with you if they have a problem, or even if they just want to comment on your product or service.
  2. Staying top of mind. The more people see your brand name out there the better. But when they associate your brand to clever posts, attentive comments and being able to see who the people are behind the company then all of a sudden their trust of you increases.
  3. Communication. Allowing your existing and future clients to speak to you on a different level can often enhance a client relationship, can bring about a sense of knowledge and bonding. This is what creates true partnerships.

When a client wants to refer your business on a social platform, it also looks much better if they link to you socially and lends weight to the referral (again, because the potential consumer has immediate access to you and can send questions or comments).

An additional benefit of social media marketing, especially with regard to questions, comments and referrals, is the increased public visibility. Instead of speaking one-on-one with a current or potential customer, the conversations will be available to other people searching and talking about the same things. The more you engage, the higher your overall visibility.

When working with an experienced SMM expert with years of experience, it becomes increasingly likely that you can ‘engineer’ content. People share and talk about remarkable content. When people actively share your content with their network of friends your message is amplified and increasingly effective.

The laws of psychology have remained consistent for eons and when you understand how the brain works – great content is transformed into remarkable and shareable content.

Partnering with WSI in Durban will bring you the best in social media technology and psychology. We’re selective with the social media clients we take on, as we believe that we have to have a personal connection with your brand to effectively market it on social networks.

So if you’re looking for a rookie, or simply don’t want to spend money on Social Media Marketing then we’d advise you look further. But if you’re looking for a company that will take your brand exposure, your client communication and your business seriously then click on the “Learn More” button below. Fill in some more detail on the form and let us get in touch with you asap.

“Doing Social Media bad is actually worse than not doing it at all.” Nicholas Gard, Director at WSI Durban