Marketing Automation

“Anticipated, personal, and relevant advertising always does better than unsolicited junk.”

– Seth Godin

When your business grows it becomes virtually impossible to maintain 1:1 relationships with potential customers. Through Marketing Automation, we are able to nurture visitors, building increasingly deeper and more meaningful interactions with all who are interested in your products and services. It also increases the touchpoints a buyer or customer has in a short period of time, increasing the chances of a sale converting.

The Internet has raised the expectations of the modern consumer to a point where you are no longer just competing with companies in your category, but also being compared to non-related businesses on multiple dimensions.

Marketing Automation is the great equaliser for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to keep your customers (or potential customers) deeply engaged through meaningful and ongoing communication that resonates and influences. These days, Marketing Automation is a must-have for competitive businesses who are serious about growing their business and having better, more qualified leads.


SharpSpring is a next generation full Marketing Automation Software. They are focused on supplying a robust, quality software that can integrate with top softwares whilst making the solution affordable, so even relatively smaller businesses can also afford it.

SharpSpring does not normally deal with the public as such, they prefer to work with agencies that can then build and carry on their relationship with their own clients. This allows the people at SharpSpring to do what they do best – making an automation software that just gets better and better. As the world’s largest group of Professional Internet Marketing Consultants, WSI was primed to become a large partner with SharpSpring. We’re always looking for innovative products and solutions to help our ever growing list of clients – and SharpSpring is no different. You can learn more about marketing automation in South Africa on our MASA website.

With economies of scale coming into play WSI, through their global partnership with Sharpspring (Learn more about Marketing Automation here,) we are able to offer a full turnaround solution, coupled with a complete Sales CRM system with Lead Scoring benefits and so much more from as little as R4 000 per month! Crazy isn’t it, when you compare other products that start at $600 for their baby versions, or even others that are FREE (but do they actually offer the same thing? Not a chance.)

If you’re serious about taking away more business form your competition and have a Digital Marketing Strategy in place then Marketing Automation could be the exact thing that you need to propel your company forward. Simply click on the “Learn More” button, fill in the details or visit our MASA site, have a look some more and we’ll be in touch once we have your details.