Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important part of a modern marketing strategy. Like baited fishing hooks in the water, the juicier (more relevant and compelling) the content you provide potential customers, the more likely they are to eventually select your products and services. Your business should strive to be a market authority, because after all, you know you products, services and industry better than anybody else, right? That’s why you’re in business, because you’re an expert. So tell the world! Show potential customers why they should purchase from you by creating valuable content that nudges them in the direction of your products or services.

Regardless of where people are in the buying cycle, they are looking for information – they want answers. Whether comparing product features or looking to solve a specific challenge – our goal is to answer those questions in a way that educates and inspires action.

Content is the reason search began in the first place.

– Lee Odden

Think about yourself for a second. What do you when you want to know something? Thing about your next holiday. If you’re not going to the same destination as before then you’ll probably look on Google, you’ll find an area and you’ll research it – won’t you? Would you choose a B&B if you found them because of several really interesting articles on their website all about the area, what to do, where to go and more? The answer is more favourable isn’t it? That’s exactly why Google likes new, relevant content too. They know it helps the searcher to find the right place. So ask yourself this. Why are you paying for better rankings on the Search Engines if you don’t have a Content Marketing Strategy in place as well?

Over the last two decades, we have learned a few tricks in how to cost-effectively leverage content marketing to quickly out-perform our client’s competitors, leaving them scratching their heads dazed and bewildered. From blogs to articles to infographics to videos, we produce creative and engaging content for any industry. It is in strategic areas like content marketing that experience makes the world of difference – what WSI has learned cannot easily be taught. But remember, there is a difference between paying peanuts and expecting a Pulitzer winning piece. At the same token though a good copywriter may cost you as little as R1 000 per page. That’s not bad when you think of it, as a page might be a minimum of 500 words.

If you need help finding a good content marketing copywriter as you just don’t have the time yourself then WSI Durban can help you. We have copywriters that vary in experience, industry knowledge and price, starting at only R500 for a blog post. If you need help then simply click on the “Get Started” button, fill in your details and we’ll be in touch.

Content Marketing Services we offer:

  • Blog Post Writing
  • Industry Technical writing
  • Press Release Writing
  • Website Copy
  • Proof Reading
  • Social Media Post Writing
  • Infographic Creation
  • Simple Animated Video Creation
  • Professional Video Creation
  • Script Writing for Videos