Our Digital Marketing Services Get Results

When you invest in any of WSI’s digital marketing solutions, you’ll have some of the top minds in the industry working on your campaigns to deliver the best possible results. No matter if you are in Durban, Joburg or Timbuktu, we can bring the power of our global network to bear on your digital marketing challenges.  We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we take the time to understand your organization and build campaigns that help you achieve your objectives. The team at WSI  in Durban have delivered Digital Solutions to hundreds of South African businesses, and have the track record to be able to confidently say that they are experts in the field.

WSI is capable of implementing a full suite of digital solutions, but of course we’ll work with you and determine which tactics are best-suited to help your business accomplish its goals. We’ll mix and match to come up with the perfect digital marketing plan for your business.

Our digital solutions are centered around four core areas: site, search, social and mobile. Some solutions may fit into more than one group or not entirely into one at all; don’t worry, the categories are just a way to loosely organize the many digital solutions we offer. So it’s like the starting point of your Digital Marketing understanding.

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WSI Services

A website is an important part of any business’s digital presence because it’s often where potential customers go to get a first impression. Our site solutions cover frontline tactics such as website consultation, landing page optimization and content marketing, which businesses can use to help tell their stories and entice potential customers into making a purchase. Analytics falls into this group because it’s equally as important to measure a website’s activity and how visitors are acting on landing pages and engaging with content. It's also critical for a business nowadays to know all the important metrics of their website. Included with the sats is also conversion architecture and analysis. While looking at your website statistics, through tools like Google Analytics, you are often able to make good judgements about areas of your website pages that might not be converting or performing as well as you'd have hoped. So every 3 months you should be looking at your conversion goals and possibly tweaking areas of your website to increase these conversions.

Search marketing revolves around attracting customers using search engines to your website by providing the answers or products they’re looking for. WSI’s search solutions include pay-per-click (PPC or Google Adwords as it is commonly referred to), display advertising, retargeting and search engine optimisation campaigns. Each of these tactics has the ability to drive more traffic to your site, which means more opportunities to make sales (and increase profit!).

One thing is certain about social media: it gets more popular by the day. As adoption rates continue to rise globally and locally with each new social platform, savvy businesses are taking advantage of the ability to directly communicate with their customers in a social setting. Our social solutions include social, email and video marketing, which are all methods businesses can use to increase their brand awareness and engage with their target audience to build customer retention. We also focus on social media training, and upskilling businesses and individuals to manage their own social media presence. We believe that companies should always have people in house to be able to respond correctly to queries from people on their social networks and that sometimes it is necessary to outsource the actual postings to another party. At least this way it doesn't get forgotten about.

Mobile is a slightly different case because some elements from site, search and social are also part of this group (since they can and should occur on mobile as well). But for the purposes of this pillar, mobile is important because the user adoption numbers for smartphones and tablets are through the roof, which means potential customers are now searching and engaging while they’re on the move. South Africa has one of the highest ratios of mobile phones to population, and the mobile market in South Africa is incredibly active. Our mobile solutions include mobile marketing, an integral digital solution for capitalising on the mobile customer and through our overseas Partnerships we are also able to offer very competitive template based, business service App Development as well. Of course with this we can then integrate forms of Search, Site and Social to make sure that your new business App gets downloaded, is used and has regular content to that it's value always stays high.