Outdated or Ineffective Website

Have you looked at what your website looks like on a Smart Phone lately? Does your website grab people’s attention in less than 15 seconds? From our extensive experience with Digital Marketing for a wide variety of industries, we know what it takes to make a website that works on every device, and converts visitors into customers.

Exciting News: if your competitor has been lured into the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) ‘free’ website illusion – then they have just made your digital marketing and sales easier. There is a lot more to building an effective, high-performance website than using a template with pretty stock images. They may have unwittingly invited a ‘Trojan Horse’ into their business under the false belief that they now have the beginnings of an effective Digital Marketing Strategy.

Want to know another secret? Most web developers are not graphic designers, digital marketers or user experience experts. So why do you expect a single person to design a website that works perfectly, looks great, converts visitors to customers at a high rate, and comes up on page 1 of the search engines for a wide range of searches?

The truth is, an effective website with a long lifespan takes a team of people with specific knowledge to build. We see websites every day that fulfill one criteria or an effective website, but fall down dramatically in others. The expense and lost time of trying to fix these issues is avoidable with a well thought out and professionally developed site.

WSI can help drive business growth through your website. Experience makes a huge difference. Let us help you chose the right developer. We can even consult on the project for you as well – as long as you pay us though. Our Internet doesn’t work on peanuts.