Be Found Online


Back in 2010, only a few short years ago the Internet comprised roughly 200 Million websites. Today there are over One Billion websites, a staggering increase of 400 percent and climbing. #MindBlown. Google now process over 40 000 search queries every second.

Now think about the impact of this next fact on your business. Ninety-five percent of the Internet is INVISIBLE. We only see the One Billion websites that have been indexed (cataloged) by search engines like Google. Is your business visible on Google for your products and services, or are you part of the invisible masses?

Is Your Business Invisible Online?

With the exponential growth of the Internet it has become increasingly difficult for businesses digital properties (websites, blogs, social pages) to be found in search engines. For the inexperienced marketer it is now almost impossible to guarantee first page organic search results for businesses. We never guarantee organic results, as we know how challenging this can be.

We look carefully at your paid and organic competition, and come up with a search engine strategy to suit your budget, target market and competitive environment. From Adwords to SEO, we make sure that when someone looks for your business, they find it.