How Google Advertising Benefits a Business in Minutes

If you’re a business owner or entrepreneur looking to increase brand awareness in your community, Google Advertising could be just the marketing move to make this year. Did you know that 86% of people use the internet to find products and services they require, with 98% of them choosing a business on the first page of Google? If your business isn’t coming up on page one, you’re missing out on leads! Let’s take a look at five business benefits of Google Advertising… (click on a benefit to page-jump)

1. Increase Brand Awareness
2. Outrank Your Competitors
3. Ensure You’re Found Online
4. Get into Google’s Good Books
5. Scale Up or Down Instantly


Massively Increase Brand Awareness

Ever notice those adverts to the right of your screen when browsing a website? Google Display advertisements come in many shapes and sizes, and are displayed in specific spots on websites affiliated with the massive Google Display Network. Google Display adverts reach 80 percent of internet users – yes, you did read that correctly – and the beauty of it is that you only pay once someone actually clicks on the advert. Even if they don’t decide to click, they’ve been exposed to your brand and your business’s brand awareness grows!

”Google Display campaigns reach 80% of global internet users.”

Get Ahead of Your Competition

While it is true that some industries are more suited to online marketing than others, if your industry competitors aren’t advertising on Google – you should be! 72% of people will start their quest for a product or a service with an online search, regardless of their proximity to a store that provides the product or service. Three Google adverts show up above organic listings for a Google search, placed one above the other. Statistics show that the first result has the best chance of being clicked.

If none of your competitors are advertising with Google, a results page for a search term relating to your brand or services could only show one advert – and it’ll more than likely be yours. Since there is no competition, your advert should come up first every time!

”72% of consumers prefer to find information on local merchants via search.”

Be Found Online for More Searches

The easiest way to find your business on Google is to search for your brand name, but with Google advertising you can be found for many other industry-relevant search queries! While search engine optimisation has a big role to play in this, Google Adverts are loaded with keywords and phrases relating to the brand and its relevant industry. This ensures that your business website comes up for more than just a direct brand name search.

”Google owns 71% of the search market share.”

Get into Google’s Good Books

Let’s face it – Google is the world’s biggest search provider. They rely heavily on advertising spend, so it stands to reason that Google will favour websites that advertise with them over those that don’t (mere speculation, so don’t quote us here). By bolting on more Google services, including Google My Business and Google Ads, the Google odds will forever be in your favour! For example, WSI Durban makes use of multiple Google services. That’s why, when you search for our services, we come up twice (Once as a search result and once as a Google Places listing).

From the Google Places listing (Google My Business) searchers can navigate to the company website, get directions, place a phone call, find out closing times, and more! Imagine if a potential client couldn’t find this information about your business online. They’d probably just end up spending money with one of your competitors.

”About 97% of Google’s total revenues come from advertising.”

Scale Up or Down in Seconds

The true beauty of advertising with Google is that you are in complete control of your advertising budget. There are no nasty surprises – the price you see is the price you pay. In fact, you could end up paying less than your competitors for the same keywords if your ads are well-built by your digital marketing agency! You can start your Google advertising campaign on a budget you’re comfortable with (we recommend a minimum of R2000 in Google spend p/m), and once your leads begin flowing in you can adjust your spend accordingly. This allows you to better track your ROI and gives you total control at every step of the process.

”72% of AdWords marketers plan to increase their PPC budgets.”

Since WSI Durban is an extensive global network of digital marketing partners, we’re able to utilise international tried-and-tested best marketing practices to grow brands in South Africa like few can. Connect with us today and we’ll share some more information about why Google advertising is right for you!