Today I was privileged to speak at Ingrid Robert’s amazing mentoring initiative, Women of Diversity.

Ingrid is a well know motivational speaker, MC and event planner (learn more about her on her website). What most people don’t know about Ingrid is that she started Women of Diversity as her own initiative, with no sponsorship and out of her own pocket. Going on its second year now, WOD aims to provide a small group of emerging female entrepreneurs with the essential skills they need to succeed. The group meets once a month and Ingrid mentors them, brings in trainers when possible and generally motivates them to continue on the tough road of being an entrepreneur. She is inspirational, as are the wonderful women I met at the event.

I spoke to them about the importance of branding and living your brand, explained that marketing is not just about having a flyer to hand out, and that social media marketing needs to have a mindset behind it, not just an account. I am always so honoured when asked to speak on social media, but even more so when the audience is so enthusiastic. Thank you again Ingrid for a wonderful opportunity. And to the WOD, I know you are going to rock the business world!

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