Leveraging Google Ads for Business Lead Generation

Fact: the internet is now the first place people consult when looking for products, services and more information about companies. Without a business website, and the necessary Google promotional tools, individuals looking for your services online are going to find your competitors – which is where they’re most likely going to spend their money. Luckily, we’ve got a business lead generation solution that will get internet users to your website and enquiring about your products and services!

Challenges Facing the Manufacturing Industry:

One of the biggest issue facing the manufacturing sector is that, up until very recently, leads were predominantly passed via word of mouth and referrals. With competition growing, not just in the manufacturing industry but across the board, brands are tussling for portions of the market share more than ever.

Nowadays, before even asking for recommendations, potential customers will perform a quick Google search for the services they require. Even if they do get recommended your company, what happens? They often still go to Google just to make sure that you’re credible online. So, if your business website is coming up in the first three results, there’s an excellent chance you’re in for a hot lead! So, how do you get your manufacturing business website onto Google’s first page of results? The answer: Google Ads.

How We Solve These Issues with Google Ads:

  • We craft well-written Google text adverts, with keyword-rich headlines that appeal to your target audience.
  • We bid on industry-relevant keyword terms to maximise your budget.
  • We highlight your products and services by making sure the advert copy not only showcases them, but also adheres to all of Google’s advertising requirements.
  • Potential customers find your ads when searching for relevant products/services, and click through to your website.

Our WSI Durban Business Lead Generation package has been tailor-designed for companies in the manufacturing, health & beauty, and training industries. We setup and manage a Google Ads account for your business website, providing you with an insights report that highlights your campaign success, and provide online consulting – so that you understand what is happening with your marketing. After all, don’t you hate spending money on something that you don’t understand? We get it, and this is why we make sure that we try and explain things in English to you – not in some techno-jargon!


Why Partner with WSI?

WSI Durban is a small, agile digital marketing team based in Durban, South Africa. We have 10 years of experience marketing for companies both local and abroad, and we specialise in Google marketing (Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing, Google My Business and YouTube). Visit our Leads to Business page to find out more, and contact us today for answers to any of your questions.