Leveraging Google Advertising for Business Lead Generation

It used to be the phonebook, but now people looking to book health and beauty appointments turn to the internet – typing their search queries into engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. The issue is that, without a business website and a few promotional Google tools to expose it, people searching for your services will end up on competitor websites – and that’s where they’ll likely spend their money. Luckily, we’ve got a business lead generation solution that will get internet browsers to your website and requesting information about your products and services!

Challenges Facing the Health & Beauty Industry:

The number one challenge facing the health and beauty industry is a rapid increase of competition in the marketplace. With so many people wanting to look and feel better these days, health & beauty companies are popping up everywhere – all jostling for market share on the ground and online.

Word of mouth is how many health and beauty businesses keep a steady flow of feet through their doors. However, with online presence becoming more important in the customer decision-making process, potential customers will try and look for you online before booking an appointment. Got a health and beauty website but you can’t find it on the first 5 pages of Google? The solution: Google Ads.

How Google Ads Solve These Issues:

  • We craft well-written Google text adverts, with keyword-rich headlines that appeal to your target audience.
  • We bid on industry-relevant keyword terms to maximise your budget.
  • We highlight your products and services by making sure the advert copy not only showcases them, but also adheres to all of Google’s advertising requirements.
  • Potential customers find your ads when searching for relevant products/services, and click through to your website.

Our WSI Durban Business Lead Generation package has been tailor-designed for companies in the manufacturing, health & beauty, and training industries. We setup and manage a Google Ads account for your business website, providing you with an insights report that highlights your campaign success, and provide online consulting – so that you understand what is happening with your marketing. After all, don’t you hate spending money on something that you don’t understand? We get it, and this is why we make sure that we try and explain things in English to you – not in some techno-jargon!


Why Partner with WSI Durban?

WSI Durban is a small, agile digital marketing team based in Durban, South Africa. We have 10 years of experience marketing for companies both local and abroad, and we specialise in Google marketing (Google Search Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Remarketing, Google MyBusiness and YouTube). Visit our Leads to Business page to find out more, and contact us today for answers to any of your questions.