Call to ActionMore and more frequently, we are getting requests from our clients to give them access to be able to make changes directly to their Adwords account. This is understandable from their side – sometimes the process of backwards and forward on changes can be annoying, and making the changes directly would feel like simplifying the process.

Unfortunately we don’t allow our clients – or anyone else – access to be able to edit Adwords accounts that we are being paid to manage. There is one simple reason – accountability. For the time period that we are contracted to manage the account, we need to know that every change that is being made is in accordance with our proven strategy of success. Our team make changes every single week to the campaign, and not knowing what other people may have done can lead to unintended negative consequences. For us to be accountable for the changes in the account, both positive and negative, we need to know that we are the only ones that could be affecting those changes.

We can give our clients read-only access, so they can log into the account and see what is happening at any time, day or night. You can even download the Adwords Mobile App so you can see your data on the fly! You just won’t be able to make any changes yourself. Pop us a mail, and we can make those changes for you extremely quickly.

But can’t you just check the change history on the account?

Yes, the change history can tell us who has made what changes, but this significantly adds to the time that it takes us to do our jobs. Most of our optimisation is done through third-party software and not the Adwords interface, so this would mean an extra step in everything we do.

And when I leave the WSI Family? What happens to my account then?

Your Adwords campaign is yours, so when you stop using our services, you are more than welcome to take your campaign with you. If you have read-only access, we will upgrade it to full Administrator access. If you didn’t have access to the account before, we will add you as the account Administrator. Please be aware that it can be a tricky process and will require some action from your side to accept the invitation.

We hope this explains clearly why we don’t allow clients to make changes in their own Adwords accounts but if you have any other questions at all about how we manage our Adwords accounts, just let us know!