Video Marketing

Video’s Get Results – Period!
“We’re operating in a world where one good video can lead to a massive social following”

– Mike Henry

Gone are the days that video marketing is considered an up-and-coming marketing tactic. Video is a very powerful way to communicate a lot of information in an engaging, memorable and meaningful way.

Website landing pages that include a video have shown to increase visitor conversion rates by up to 79 percent. This is huge!

Thanks to the advances in technology and the growth of the Internet, video marketing has become significantly more cost-effective; both in producing and promoting the video.

Video marketing capitalises on the video craze and gives businesses a popular medium to showcase their products or services, nudge customers in the direction of a purchase, help their SEO efforts and build an army of brand advocates. If businesses aren’t trying to create informative or useful videos with a twist of humor and character, they’re missing out on a powerful way to engage their customers and increase conversions.

WSI Durban, through economies of scale, can help deliver world class video production and marketing capabilities to your office door without breaking your annual budget.