Social Media Training

Social media training is an essential part of any business’ marketing arsenal. Every business owner and marketer is attending a workshop or seminar to learn about social media, but how effective can training be when you are sitting in a room with between 10 and 100 other businesses, all looking for information on their specific company?

At WSI, we approach Social Media Training differently. We like to know that when we leave the training, you feel comfortable and confident to continue using your company’s social technologies to successfully propel your social media strategy onwards and upwards.

Social Media Training Highlights

  • Training is conducted on a one-on-one basis
  • Content is specifically tailored to be relevant to your business
  • We explain all key terms in language you can understand
  • We teach you how to perform keyword research
  • We teach you how to identify your target market, and where to find them online
  • We teach you how to post relevant, engaging material to each of your social platforms.
  • We show you how to streamline and minimise time & effort using tools like Hootsuite
  • We help you to design a Social Media Calendar
  • Provide you with a personalised Guide and numerous eBooks, whitepapers and other supplementary material.
  • We follow up with you after the training to answer any questions you may have, and to check you are getting the most out of the training.

Nick Gard - WSI Digital Marketing Consultant

About the Trainer

Nicholas Gard is a certified Internet Marketing Consultant and our In-House Trainer. It is said that those who can, do but those that can’t, teach. Nick is the exception to this rule, as he successfully manages numerous social media campaigns for clients, in addition to running our Social Media Training Program. Nick is known for his practical approach to teaching and training, and his passion for following up with clients on a long term basis to ensure they absorbed the necessary skills.

If you are interested in Social Media Training, then get in touch with an expert now.