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What’s The Story With Our Mobile App Development?

We all know that mobile Apps are becoming more and more popular, with large businesses coming up with amazing apps for their clients. But at the end of the day is it all really necessary?

Simply put – Yes. As technology gets better and better, we’re all starting to allow technology to change the way we do things in our everyday lives. Think about your own daily life. How many times do you pick up your phone and…

  • Go to your Facebook App
  • Check your Emails
  • Get Directions
  • Get communications from your child’s school
  • Check the Weather et cetera

Think of how amazing it would be if your business could give this experience to your existing clients – and their friends, and their friends!Tips and Tricks for Mobile Friendly Email Campaigns

Our Mobile App Offering

Our apps are packed full of standard features.
  • Push Messaging to Everyone who has downloaded your App – For FREE!
  • Booking Requests by clients
  • Loyalty Scheme, Refer a Friend and Share to Download incentives built-in
  • All your Business Information in one area, with navigation via Google Maps
  • Gallery Option
  • Analytics Data on your App
Our Apps are quick to develop and the template basis means the pricing is unbeatable. All this, and the monthly hosting cost covers all software updates too! No need to pay every year to have your app updated on The App Store or The Play Store.

Who Should Get An App?

  • Any business that has repeat customers.
  • Any business that wants to offer regular updates to their clients.
  • Any business that wants to communicate with their clients in a way that doesn’t irritate them.

Oh and we’ve also built apps for:

  1. Physical Trainers
  2. Hair Dressers
  3. Beauticians
  4. Restaurants
  5. Small Hotels, Guest Houses & B&B’s
  6. Landscaping Companies
  7. Barbers
  8. Coffee Shops
  9. Golf Estates
  10. Estate Agents

and more.

If you’d like to check out some of the basic business apps then download these and play about with them. Found on The Play Store or the App Store.

Quixstix Ribbons, Labels and more

Dream Nails

Durban Laser Clinic

Things to remember

  • Our Apps are template based business Apps
  • Our Apps have Fantastic Functionality
  • Our Apps are Natively built on Google and IOS but they are NOT customisable
  • You get Training on the back end
  • Our Apps don’t need software updates – that’s what the monthly hosting is for!
  • Our Apps have in-built back end Analytics
  • Support – yip, we support you to get the most out of your App, so you can use it as a Marketing Tool. Not just another gimmick!

Ready to take the plunge? Fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch in two shakes of your phone!