Outsourcing your digital marketing to a third-party is a big decision, and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You ideally want to partner with a digital agency that comes recommended, and that you can trust with your brand and its promotion in the marketplace. Looking for a digital agency in South Africa? Your preferred partner should have these three traits:

They’re Referred

Is your potential digital marketing partner referred by past and existing clients? You are fully within your rights to approach a digital agency’s clients and ask about their experiences. Start by typing their name into Google and take a look at their Google My Business panel. How many Google reviews do they have? Are these reviews kind to the agency? What is the agency’s star rating?

Clients are also able to leave reviews on Facebook, so search for the digital agency on the social media platform and see what people have to say about them. Consider posting a question on a community group, asking people to recommend a digital marketing agency. Who is being referred? Is your potential digital agency in the mix?

They’re Trusted

Digital agencies come in many shapes and sizes, and each will have their own methodologies when it comes to managing and executing marketing activities for your brand. Some agencies will offer in-depth analytical reporting, and others will ask you to trust them to get you leads.

Many digital agencies, like WSI Durban, build trust with clients by taking a ‘complete transparency’ stance. This means they’re able to show you exactly what they’ve done, show you how these actions positively affected your brand’s holistic marketing efforts, show you how your money is being spent to the cent, and share valuable insights gained as and when they are uncovered. In short, a completely transparent digital agency that goes the extra mile for you is one to be trusted.

One can argue that the more a business trusts a digital agency, the more marketing services they’ll outsource to them. If you’re making contact with an agency’s past or existing clients, ask them about the trust they have in the digital agency. Do they have to micro-manage the digital marketing, or can they trust the agency to deliver promotional campaigns that are 100% on-brand and that resonate with the target audiences?

They’re Respected

Look at the owners and key decision makers in the digital agency you’re considering a partnership with. Are they active in their communities? Do they share their digital marketing expertise with others every chance they get? So many digital marketers garner respect in their industries by hitting the road and committing to speaking engagements, divulging marketing best-practices that business owners can utilise as part of their own marketing strategies.

Be weary of digital agencies that keep their marketing practices close to their chests. Your digital marketing agency should endeavour to educate you on the digital marketing services they’ll be offering you, with an end-goal of empowering you to eventually move your business marketing from an outsourced model to an in-house model. Wouldn’t you trust an agency that is willing to share their marketing processes more than one who would rather keep you in the dark to protect their trade secrets?

Start a Project with a Digital Agency in South Africa

Our vision at WSI Durban is to be the most respected, trusted & referred digital marketing partner in South Africa. We work tirelessly to live up to this vision, something that is evident in the way we do business. Find out more about WSI Durban, or start a project with us right here!