marketing automation in south africaWondering whether it’s time to think about marketing automation in South Africa? For South African businesses wanting to maximise their marketing efforts, automation offers numerous advantages. From time management to reduced costs and the ability to analyse and fine-tune your strategies, other benefits include the ability to grow your mailing lists. According to a study by VB Insight, 80% of businesses that have used automation have seen increased leads. Even more tellingly, the study shows these leads are typically high quality, with 77% of the same businesses noting an increase in conversions.

Why should you consider marketing automation in South Africa? Join us today as we explore the top benefits.

Top Benefits of Marketing Automation in South Africa

Some of the biggest advantages to automation include the following:

Reduce marketing costs

reduce costs with marketing automationOne of the biggest advantages of automating your marketing processes is the savings that it provides. A report by Gartner shows that automating your processes can save 15% or more across your entire marketing budget. Not too long ago, marketing teams needed to be massive, with teams of in-house professionals needed to keep up with leads. Those leads had to be sourced and nurtured manually, the old-fashioned way. Today, automating the process has allowed this to be done at a fraction of the cost. Because automation tools can perform numerous marketing tasks, there is less need for a large scale team. Small, medium and larger businesses therefore all enjoy reduced costs that can be better spent elsewhere.


Analyse and improve your strategies

analyse and improve strategies with marketing automationThe second, equally significant benefit is the ability to fine-tune your marketing strategies. By integrating your software with your CRM platform, you can determine which strategies are working and which are not hitting the money. You will also have the benefit of A/B testing, to test everything from email subject lines to headlines, images, calls to action and offers. Behaviour marketing meanwhile gives you critical insight into how your ideal audience interacts online, giving you even more leverage for your campaigns. Through this level of insight, it will become easier to plan and test strategies that help to boost leads and conversions in innovative ways, without the risks of firing in the dark.


Use your time more efficiently

save time with marketing automationAccording to a report by Adestra, 74% of businesses said that automation’s ability to save time was its largest benefit. Whether you have a small marketing team, a larger team or you are a one person shop, using your time more effectively will always be a good thing. Automating vital processes such as monthly newsletters, regular promotions, auto responders, email marketing and other content will leave you free to focus on the myriad other tasks at hand. You will also have more time to work on actively nurturing and engaging your leads throughout each stage of the sales funnel.


If that sounds like something that you think will help your business, we’re here to help you get started. As an experienced online marketing agency based in Durban, we help South African businesses grow their presence through a variety of integrated solutions. To learn more about our unique approach to marketing automation in South Africa, contact us today.